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Public: Enemy Territory Board: ET Server Suggestions & Map requests Thread: Map sugestion Cortex
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#1 at 13.02.2021 on 11:09h Quote this entry
Server Mod
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Hey Guy's

A few years ago when i played wolfenstein ET i played the map Cortex.
It's a funny map , a little bit like a toy Story genre but i had alot of fun those times.
is it possible to consider this map to our map rotation at the server?
I think te map is large enough for when we have alot of players online.


i've found a video of this map on youtube so have a look.

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#2 at 13.02.2021 on 19:17h Quote this entry
Leader (Head Admin)
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good map i like it a lot too, but unfortunately many don't find it so good. we had it on the server several times in the past and there were always complaints.dntknw.gif

We have them on our fun server now, if you feel like playing them. This map was the reason why i created the fun server.derisive.gif
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#3 at 14.02.2021 on 00:43h Quote this entry
Ex Member
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You are not only person who likes it aimex
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