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#1 at 13.01.2021 on 18:12h Quote this entry
Jr Member
posts: 4
When did you come up with your name and why?

I'll start it.My current nickname is ketamin, its from techno, but usually i use bashboy in every other games / platform.
In 2004 i started playing DotA, its a 5v5 moba, there was an ability that stunned opponents,its called BASH. That was my favorite spell in the game.This is  how my name was born, in short version.

hows yours? rolleyesnew.gif     (srry for my bad english)
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#2 at 15.01.2021 on 01:08h Quote this entry
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I thought ketamin as the drug that it was a joke because you are a cop. My real name is Sander so not much to explain about that
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#3 at 15.01.2021 on 16:54h Quote this entry
Full Member
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My name is Kristina, my friends call me Krissu, thats why kkrisssuu
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#4 at 15.01.2021 on 17:22h Quote this entry
Co Leader
posts: 105

My previos nick was "KuekenEi" mix of chick and egg. lol.gif

Cherry was rather unspectacular. rolleyes.gif

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"We all commit to love, that makes you cry, oh
We're all making love, that kills you inside
We must kill this love, it's sad but true
Gotta kill this love before it kills you too"bomb.gif



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#5 at 15.01.2021 on 19:29h Quote this entry
Jr Member
posts: 6

It is interesting to see how nicknames change over time... Personally, I started with the nickname TraMonTanA in 2006 and then changed to TraMonta because Tra_Mon_Ta_nA was too long in terms of the number of syllables. My teammates didn't like repeating that long name so many times during a match on Teamspeak xD.
TraMonta is still my main player name. Besides that, I had some other (funny) names like Xubuntu, AsTr0, FameMonsTer and the others I don't remember anymore...

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#6 at 16.01.2021 on 20:22h Quote this entry
Jr Member
posts: 2
In the past  I started playing ET as Skorpion , but after i finish my study 2014 .. i start working in Switzerland in the region of the Emmental . So i got and found the Name Cheese , i had i play break for 3 years because i had a health operation and no it works better ,now i have time again to play sometimes
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#7 at 17.01.2021 on 17:42h Quote this entry
Jr Member
posts: 4
@sander : Actually ur right,few times i tired it, but i dont wanna talk about it haha shy.gif
@cherry : I thought it was your favorite fruit lachtot.gif

Thank you everyone for the answers!
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#8 at 17.01.2021 on 18:16h Quote this entry
posts: 9

When I started play ET (around 2010 I  think) I play with ETPLAYER because I didnt know I can change it ...Then my friend from my village (He told me about ET) told me how to change name ( yes i was lame). I played on Attawaybaby server, and I saw there a player called Deadman. I change my name to deadman too because I liked it and I got banned ....My friend explained me again what to do so I choose deadkiller I was in t3am2000 clan. In 2012 i think AWB server was deleted and I stop play. So I had a looooong break and then I found these great people with the best server and here  I am.

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#9 at 18.01.2021 on 18:06h Quote this entry
Jr Member
posts: 2
In first or second grade at elementary school, it was the era of ICQ back then. Everyone had a nickname similar to their given names. My name is Dominik, so out of nowhere i came up with DooMi. I guess I also liked to play DOOM on my windows 95 and it took its part in the name creation then.

Everyone from elementary school and my close friends know me as DooMi and call me DooMi till this day
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