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#1 at 13.01.2021 on 18:12h Quote this entry
Experienced Admin
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When did you come up with your name and why?

I'll start it.My current nickname is ketamin, its from techno, but usually i use bashboy in every other games / platform.
In 2004 i started playing DotA, its a 5v5 moba, there was an ability that stunned opponents,its called BASH. That was my favorite spell in the game.This is how my name was born, in short version.

hows yours? rolleyesnew.gif (srry for my bad english)
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#12 at 14.03.2021 on 17:17h Quote this entry
A$AP "Xelah" / X
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I made Xelah back in 2009 when I started gaming.
My name's Alex so my name in reverse it's Xela. A lot of friends call me in that way because it's either cool and funny name.
I added the H at the end just to look more cool.

Fun fact, gaming or real-life, I'm being called in the same waytongue11.gif

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#13 at 10.04.2021 on 21:20h Quote this entry
Tech Admin
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I live in ireland. seems like a nice tribute to this country

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#14 at 14.04.2021 on 15:26h Quote this entry
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I used to play under the name |SpoonY| when I played in RTCW as well as ET. Realised how many people have the same/similar username so I just thought of making up a random word, and that turned out to be Spriffle and haven't changed it since...not that exciting a storylol.gif
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