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Public: Enemy Territory Board: ET Support & Configs Thread: ET shortcut settings
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#1 at 27.08.2020 on 14:48h Quote this entry
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Hi all,

i see a lot of new people and always see the same questions and problems. so here are some tips for those questions.

First of all the standard ET shortcut on a windows machine will always load the standard ET version which on your ET folder lives in etmain
so if you click the shortcut the files that are loaded inclusing your coonfig is the one in etmainprofiles.. which ever is your default profile.

Now if you only play Nitmod you can change the default startup to Nitmod. The way todo this is by adding it to the shortcut of your ET.

Right click on your shortcut. Select properties/eigenschaften/eigenschappen or whatever its named in your language.

Then in the first box where the target to ET.exe is written, add after the last " +set fs_game nitmod. Now your game will start default with the nitmod mod loaded.

While you are there also add the following just to be sure. +seta com_hunkMegs 256 +set com_zoneMegs 32 this one is needed for some bigger maps.

If you have enough memory wich most ofg us have these days add the following set com_soundMegs 64.

Remember this game was written with a pentium 3 in mind so todays PC's are more than capable of running this game with the right settings.

So to sum it up, this should be in the target box of your ET shortcut.

"c:GamesWolfenstein - Enemy TerritoryET.exe" +set fs_game nitmod +set com_hunkMegs 512 +set com_zoneMegs 32 +set com_soundMegs 64

ofcourse "c:Games....et.exe" is where i installed the game your location might be different.

and if you really hardcore you can at at the end +connect et.eg-team.de:27960 and fire away.

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#2 at 27.08.2020 on 15:30h Quote this entry
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thx. its very helpful for me.
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#3 at 27.08.2020 on 16:40h Quote this entry
Clan Leader
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Good explanation, thanks for that.

Pinned it up.
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#4 at 13.09.2020 on 21:21h Quote this entry
Experienced Member
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FYI . This is compatible with ET legacy
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