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Public: Enemy Territory Board: ET Support & Configs Thread: Convert ET Demo's to Movie
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#1 at 20.09.2020 on 17:20h Quote this entry
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Hey mates!

I need you help ...I made some demos on ET, how can i convert them to AVI or something like that?

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#2 at 20.09.2020 on 19:36h Quote this entry
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Hey deadkiller,

like i wrote in Discord.

Just playback the demo with your local ET Installation and record with a screen recorder of your choice.

Maybe Windows 10 Screen Recorder (Windows key + G) or use a screen recorder like "Captura" or "Fraps".
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#3 at 30.03.2021 on 18:44h Quote this entry
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Hey there,

several years ago ( ... it must be in 2010 ... ) I was also quite interested in making some ET movies from my competetive ETPro matches. Therefore I used another and more time intensive method as described by aimeX.

Something similar what I did is described within this link: https://www.crossfire.nu/tutorials/213/moviemaking-a-z .

The idea in short words: You don't use just some screen recording tool provided by your operating system but Et itself instead! Within ET there are fuctionalities to record bitmap pictures from your recorded demo with a specified framerate e.g. like 25 FPS, 50 FPS etc. and record the correspnding audio as well. This pictures are used to generate a video sequence from it which can be edited by external programs. This is necessary to add some effects, sync the audio steam to the video feed or build a movie from several sequences that are cut together with an appropirate softwa tool. After editing and cutting the RAW video it is rendered to generate the file video file. A common file type would be a MP4 codec codec within a MKV container.

The benefit of this method is on the one hand that you are able to load a special version of ET with high resolution textures with a very nice view and special effects and deactivate annoying chats. It is also possible to get rid of chat (text + voice). On the other hand you are able to render the movie in a much better quality in comparison to just record a low quaslity screen capture.

This is one of my movies that I had released to youtube and that is edited with this method. I hope you will get some idea how it looks like in comparison to a normal screen recording:


Best regards,

Addendum by TraMonta:

This small mini-movie was recorded with the mothod I described in the post before:


Tools used:

enjoy! silvester_biggrin.gif
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#4 at 30.03.2021 on 19:43h Quote this entry
A$AP "Xelah" / X
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I'm too late
Maybe my bro Tramonta helped alreadylachen.gif
Let us know if you need more help brozaybeach.gif

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