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Public: Enemy Territory Board: ET Server Suggestions & Map requests Thread: Shuffle cmd
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#1 at 15.07.2020 on 21:51h Quote this entry
posts: 7
Today I encountered some real unbalanced matches.
Allies got 2-3 maps in a row their *ss kicked good time (the team I was on).
There were some moments a member called a vote for restart and shuffle.
As expected it failed, because there are players who care more about winning and frags.

I asked the online members if they could manual shuffle, but unfortunately they could not.
Since it was a real pain and some players asked for a shuflle, maybe it is worth considering to lower the level for shuffle?
Don't know how often it happens, but to me it feels unfair that a vote should be called to get a chance at more even teams.

I searched for a list which level has what commands.
Couldn't find it.
Maybe it is nice to put a level - command list in wiki?
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#2 at 16.07.2020 on 19:23h Quote this entry
Clan Leader
posts: 575
Hey, okay bad to hear that.

Members are encouraged to use the !shuffle command at the beginning of a match (warmup) or if the teams are very uneven or with a vote until the match is started.

Wiki: Team Stacking

Nice idea with the command list.I wanted to create a list like this before, but I haven't got it yet. At the moment only members can check the Commands for specific level with the !levinfo command.

I try to create such an overview when I have time.good.gif

Nachtrag von aimeX:

!shuffle cmd is from Level 17 (Full Member)

zuletzt editiert von aimeX am 16.07.2020 19:23 Uhr 
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