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Public: Enemy Territory Board: ET Server Suggestions & Map requests Thread: [eG] MULTI FUN XPS - Suggestions
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#1 at 12.09.2020 on 11:08h Quote this entry
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We've just started a new server named [eG] MULTI FUN XPS.
The topic are different war modes. Every map can set with a different war mode. Maybe UFC Knife Arena Map with Knifewar, next Map with Riflewar and next with Panzerwar.
If you have any suggestions for some specials for a specific map, please let us know here. victory.gif

The server is running with Nitmod, same XP and Level on all our Nitmod Servers.

Current Maplist:

         36 files listed

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#2 at 13.09.2020 on 10:38h Quote this entry
Experienced Admin
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Hey mates!

Andy, is there an option to choose "mode" before map? For example next map oasis and players can vote for weapon to play this map. ( knife, panzer, rifle, etc.. )
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#3 at 13.09.2020 on 19:18h Quote this entry
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Hey deadkiller,

it's unfornutely not possible to do changes on mapvote system but its possible to add this Votes in ESC -> Vote.

Maybe we can add there in Misc the different war modes. victory.gif

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#4 at 26.10.2020 on 12:24h Quote this entry
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How about addding Tundra Beta b4 to the server. I used to love this map
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#5 at 27.10.2020 on 08:59h Quote this entry
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Hey Pinn,

i've tested this map but there are no waypoints available for bots.
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