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Public: Enemy Territory Board: ET Server Suggestions & Map requests Thread: no j-mod server?
no j-mod server? Site: « 1 »
#1 at 15.06.2021 on 20:12h Quote this entry
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hey yo!

im wondering, eG has no j-mod server...

j-mod is still popular and my favorite mod.

For me it is a shame that you don't have any running, because the FA j-mod servers that are well visited puke me.

it fails because of the map rotation ... always the same.


else who is interested in j-mod and would it even make sense to open one?

would it even be possible?

am ready to donate a little


who still likes j-mod?

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#2 at 16.06.2021 on 22:05h Quote this entry
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We had in the past different servers with different mods, of course also jaymod. It turned out that it is better for us to focus on one mod. As you can see, our main server with Nitmod becams very poplular in the past and lots of people like it.

Another reason is that nobody has worked on these mods for years and there are therefore problems to catch cheaters etc.

For these reasons: Come to the bright side of ET and play Nitmod ❤️


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#3 at 18.07.2021 on 10:18h Quote this entry
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Ah ok,

I have to admit that the N!tmod is clearly the better mod.
I miss j-mod's double jump settings a bit. on n!t you can no longer cross some shortcuts with the slightly lower / shorter double jump, but that was sometimes unfair on the j-mod.

May I ask, was there a lack of players on the abandoned servers?

A big compliment for your Mappool! Map suggestions are also accepted

last edited by aimeX at 18.07.2021 11:49h 
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#4 at 18.07.2021 on 11:53h Quote this entry
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when i write a post, sometimes the lower section is missing... why is that?

missing text: i read your answer earlier but haven't had enough time to answer

greez mongo

Good question Mongo,

unfortunately something is bugged with text formatting in our forum, I don't know exactly what it is. we are working on it.

Addendum by aimeX:

To your question with a current maplist, we don't have a actual list at the moment.

last edited by aimeX at 18.07.2021 11:53h 
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