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Public: Enemy Territory Board: ET Server Suggestions & Map requests Thread: New map?
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#1 at 30.09.2021 on 14:09h Quote this entry
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Hello Everybody,

Im Kommandant, regular player with potato aim on your Beginners server. Im not a well known guy and I dont know every clan related story, therefore I cant even think about your preference regarding server stuff such as maps.

Recently I started using level design tools (NetRadiant and GTK Radiant) and built some maps. These are mostly frag and fun maps with some "acceptable" scripting and brushwork. And maybe I could offer you one of my newest fragmaps, which is kinda simple, but could be enjoyable in a 10 vs 10 scenrio.

Nothing special, just 2 spawnpoints (4 with flags that can be captured), 2 places with supplies and built in spawn protection. The theme is desert and as you can see I have to modify some of the textures.

If you are interested, leave a reply here or contact me on the server


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#2 at 30.09.2021 on 20:26h Quote this entry
A$AP "Xelah" / X
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not bad

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#3 at 03.10.2021 on 14:54h Quote this entry
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HeyhuKommandantand welcome here.victory.gif

Nice to see you have created a new map. Of course we would like to test it on our server.

To keep it permanently on our server, we would also need waypoint files so that the bots work. Maybe good for the fun server.

last edited by aimeX at 03.10.2021 14:56h 
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