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ET: Admin Guide
ET: Admin Guide

ET: Admin Guide

First of all the most important: Allways keep in mind that everyone playing for fun.

Admins are also players and should make sure that others like to play on our servers and have fun! You should never intervene unnecessarily in the game and keep the server clean from cheaters and hackers.

It's our goal that people play with us to have fun together.

💡 Good to know: You can always type ingame !help to get a full list with all available admin commands.
Or type !help CMDNAME to get help for a specific command.

1. Admin Abuse

If a complaint is filed against any member of our community where valid proof has been given then the following steps will be taken:

Complaint 1:
Verbal warning given via private messages on the forums or server.

Complaint 2:
Demotion. You will be temporarily moved to a lower admin level for a period of time decided by management.

Complaint 3:
Your membership will be suspended for good.

Giving kicks or bans without valid reasons is considered as admin abuse. If you are found doing this with offensive comments or random reasons you will be given a few warnings at first but if this continues you will be demoted. Sometimes people are jerks but there’s very rarely a need to kick or ban someone, especially without a good reason. If you see that you’ve been demoted after doing this then don’t complain as you have been warned.


2. AFK or Inactive players

If a player is AFK for more than 5-6 spawn cycles (or 100 seconds) then the server should automatically move them to spec, if not, simply move them. Our servers should automatically kick inactive players when the server is full so you don’t need to worry about members trying to join if you play there.

Usage: !put [NAME/SLOT#] [s/r/b] [REASON] 
 !put PlayersName s afk

3. Team Stacking

Trial and clan members should be the first to move to even teams. We expect members to move at least once every 2-3 maps.

Also not all members have good enough skill level, to make difference or actually resolve unbalance issue, so if that's the case, asking/moving regulars/skilled player is best thing to do. Make a habit of checking the teams each time you’re waiting to respawn. If teams are uneven and you can’t move, ask 3 times in chat nicely.

After this check the scores and move whoever would balance the teams best with the !putteam command. Note that there doesn’t always need to be the same number of players on each team for balance – a lot of the time 14 vs 12 can be an even game. Just make sure to check the scores before calling for balance. If you have access to the shuffle command, only use it during warmup (make sure all player have connected) or if teams are incredibly unfair (ex: 11v2) and people are not moving.

 !put [NAME/SLOT#] [s/r/b] [REASON] 
 !put PlayersName r Team stacking

If less players are on the server with bots playing, it's sometimes more fun to play Player VS Bots. 
Therefore it doesn't make sense to balance the teams as long as bots are playing.

If you see someone intentionally join the strongest team, move them to the weaker one straight away and explain to them the rules regarding stacking.

4. Warn, Kick & Ban Command Usage

Below is the appropriate action you should take when you find the following troublemakers as well as the reason you should give when you use one of these commands. Never use one of these commands without a meaningful reason so that other admins can know why they were issued.

#4.1 Advertisers

Intentional advertising results in a 90 day ban. Ban time can only be extended by leaders. Unintentional advertising such as mistyping a /connect command or pressing an old bind by mistake may result in a 30 day mute if they continue to do it. Make sure you tell them to remove a bind if they hit it by accident.

Reason: Advertising
Usage: !ban [NAME/SLOT#] [TIME] [REASON] 
!ban PlayersName 90d Advertising not allowed here

Good to know: 
If no time is given, the ban is always permanent. You can use for time s for seconds, m for minutes, h for hours or d for days.

#4.2 Cheaters

Cheating results in a permanent ban.

Reason: Cheating.
Usage: !ban [NAME/SLOT#] [TIME] [REASON] 
 !ban PlayersName Cheater

💡 Good to know: If no time is given, the ban is always permanent. You can use for time s for seconds, m for minutes, h for hours or d for days.

Proof must be submitted within 2 days. If you have a suspicion that someone is cheating first record some demos as well as the timestamps where you think it is clear that they are using cheats. Post the demo in the Suspected Cheater Section on our forum so that other clan members can review your demos. Our policy is ‘No proof – No ban’. If someone has to be unbanned 3 times because of invalid proof, you will lose your ban command.

#4.3 Insulting, Whining & Spamming

Complaining once in a while isn’t that bad and is allowed. We’ve all been annoyed at the game every once in a while and it can get irritating dying over and over. What we don’t want is constant whining, especially if it leads to insults. Most of the time simply asking them if it’s worth getting annoyed is enough to calm them down and no further action is needed. Admins should not be part of the problem but should be working to fix it. At the end of the day, it’s a game and we’re here to have fun.

The normal procedure when dealing with people like this is: A few verbal warns, 3 warn commands, 3 mutes of a few minutes up to 1 hour, and then a mute for 1 day, 3 days and 7 days if they continue to make problems. If they’ve been muted for 7 days already, continue renewing as needed. Initial mute should be 10 minutes.

Reason: Insulting, Whining, Text Spam, Voice Spam
Usage: !mute [NAME/SLOT#] [TIME] [REASON] 
 !mute PlayersName 5m Please stop voice spam!

💡 Good to know: If no time is given, the the mute time is 3600 seconds / 1 hour). You can use for time s for seconds, m for minutes, h for hours or d for days. 

If someone tells you they’re being insulted in private messages, tell them to take a demo or screenshots and explain this to them if they don’t know how to. You can also contact de aimeX to proof with logfiles.

If people annoy or insult on the server, always try to stay calm and not use commands directly.
Light insults should be completely ignored. You don't need a mute someone if they don't overdo it.

Notice we also have for fun !fu and !sob command. Therefore, one should never overestimate other light insults that are not personal or therefore react aggressively.

If you show the other members that way, they will respond correctly too.

#4.4 Player Names

In case that several players has the same name like ‘unnamedplayer’, ‘ETPlayer’, ‘Newplayer’ or ‘ETUIplayer’, just ask the players friendly to change their name.

Note that new players like ‘ETPlayer’ may not yet know how to change the name and shouldn't be warned or kicked for that! Use the !rename command to solve the problem when several players have the same name and they don't change.

Insulting names should be dealt with as such: 3 warns, a kick and if they continue, a 30 day ban.

Reason: Insulting player name.

#4.5 Recruiters

Recruiting results in a 90 day ban. Ban time can only be extended by leaders.

Reason: Recruiting
Usage: !ban [NAME/SLOT#] [TIME] [REASON] 
 !ban PlayersName 90d Recruiting

#4.6 Teamkillers & Messing With Teammates

Intentionally killing, teambleeding or harassing teammates should be dealt with as follows.

3 warns, splats or moving to spec, 3 kicks and then if continued the player should be banned with the following day increments: 1, 3, 7, 15, 30, and 90.

A ban should always be the last way. Note: Bans are valid on all our servers.

Reason: Teamkilling or Harassing Teammates.

5. Additional Suggestions

Our golden rule is:

If an issue can be solved with a verbal warning, why resort to using commands? If it can be solved with a warn, why mute? If it can be solved with a mute, why kick? And if it can be solved with a kick then why ban?

Always be on your best

Everyone has a bad day once in a while and sometimes we just want to take our frustrations out on the game but never take it out on other players. If you feel like you’re gonna do something you regret then either don’t play, go to a quieter server or take your tags off and go play on someone else’s server.

Don't show weaknesses

Not everything smells like roses all the time, especially if you are talking about dealing with people but if things aren't well between admins there is no reason for other people to know. If players see two admins bitching at each other they’ll get the impression that they can do the same. Personal matters should be dealt with in private and not in front of the people that play on our servers.

Don't undermine another admin’s authority

If you see someone taking action you don't agree, such as warning or muting someone, don't ever undo what they’ve done. If this is the case, explain to them why you think they’re wrong and ask them to undo the command they issued. If they choose not to undo it, take it to the forums using 'contact us' and let leaders deal with that but treat them with respect. An exception to this is a higher ranking admin undoing a trial’s mistake.

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