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Running Wolfenstein Enemy Territory At Native 1920×1080 Resolution (on Windows)

A lot of people I play Enemy Territory with have been contemplating switching to a version of the program called ET Legacy, and their reasoning is generally related to screen resolutions.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a very old game, and the designers never conceived that it would ever be played on a 19201080 screen resolution, so it was never coded to have that option in the Video Settings.

That being said, you can make a few modifications to your launcher shortcut, and run Enemy Territory at true native 19201080 resolution.

Note:The only glitch Ive encountered with this so far, is that when youre changing video settings in the game, the game will not revert back to 19201080 without a game restart after a settings change (such as texture quality, dynamic lighting, etc changes). So, go set your quality levels for textures and everything prior to modifying your shortcut, then you should avoid encountering any of those issues.

LinuxMac:You can use similar command switches on Linux or Mac to achieve this goal, but the process of editing the shortcutlauncher may vary.

Right click your Enemy Territory shortcut, and hit Properties.


Youll want to add these options to your shortcut:
(com_hunkmegs is not related to the video settings, but a few extra hunkmegs will help your game performance.)


+r_mode "-1" +r_customwidth "1920" +r_customheight "1080" +set com_hunkmegs "512" +vid_restart

You can do so by adding them after the trailing quotation mark surrounding your program name, as show in the following screenshot:


My full shortcut application path is as follows, since its not entirely visible above. (The Target box above).

And there you have it! Next time you launch Enemy Territory, you should be presented with a full screen 19201080 gaming experience.


aimeX - 16.01.17 09:52h
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#1 at 13.07.2022 on 07:27h IP saved
I like this article. It is beneficial for others also. Thank you for posting this relevant information. I would like to share our services.
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