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We hope you had a lot of fun in the past with our community. eLemenT Gaming was startet as a fun project and gets bigger and bigger. It is still about fun, but also it's costs increased accordingly.

As you probably know, we have a financial burden on our gameservers, homepage, domains etc. every month. Carrying these costs alone is not always easy.

We therefore ask you to think about a donation to the community. This helps us to keep the community and servers in the future alive.

We reserve ourselves the "right" to reject donations from people we don't want. We don't accept money from cheaters, people that have used cheats in the past or are breaking server rules on purpose. We also reserve ourselves the right to remove any privileges in case people repeatedly disobey server rules.

All money is used for the servers and nothing else! If more money is donated than needed, we will stock it for future costs or put it into better server hardware.

Thank you for your support!


To donate just click on the Donate Button below
or send it with PayPal to admin@egclan.de

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