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1 Become a membership
2 Behavior of clan members
3 Clan life
4 Clan Membership, Clan Tag and Nickname
5 Cheating
6 Training / Events
7 Costs

§1. Become a membership

a) In principle everyone can join our clan, which from our point of view shows an appropriate behavior.
b) The minimum age is 18 years.



§2. Behavior of clan members

a) Each clan member has the task to represent our clan to the outside positively and to pay attention to the reputation of the clan.
b) As a member of the clan you should actively play on the clan servers. This also means that you should show more activity there than on other clan-freed servers.
c) Actions which damage the reputation of the clan are to be omitted.

§3. Clan life

a) Each clan member should participate (as far as possible) actively in the clan life (participation in the Gameservers, Forum, Discord etc.).
b) Members who are offline for an extended period without being logged off will be considered as inactive members after 4 weeks.
c) Each member can enter the absence list on the homepage.
e) Discrepancies are discussed and resolved in the clan.
f) Clan internal data and matters of any kind should not be passed on to the outside. Also not after leaving the clan.

§4. Clan Membership, Clan Tag and Nickname

a) Members may not be members in another Gaming Clan.
b) Members must always carry the respective clan tag on the servers.
c) The nickname on the Gameserver, Discord and Teamspeak must correspond to the nickname on the homepage. Changing the nickname is not allowed. The clan leader decides on exceptions.

§5. Cheating

If a member is caught cheating, the exclusion from the clan is immediately made.

§6. Training / Events

a) We are a fun clan and value the fun of gambling. Trainings or ETPro Scrims are not available here.
b) Enter the codeword "Splash Damage" in your Joinus request, as confirmation that you have read the clan rules.

c) There are regular clan meetings or fun events organized (participation voluntarily).

§7. Costs

Membership in the clan is free for all members. But as you know, we have to pay bills every month for Servers, Domains and Webhosting. Because of this, Donations are very welcome and help us to keep the Servers and the Community in the future alive. Further informations: Why donating isn't wrong

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