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#1 at 15.12.2022 on 22:40h Quote this entry
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Hey all Little introduction
Im roy 29 years old and im from the netherlands
I play under the name Fragbastard/Drogterwous

I've been playing ET for many years now. (15 i think) i met allot of ppl and had a lot of fun back in the days
I started my journey on the old |RR| servers also been a member for an long time
after years i got to meet the AOS| guys and became an member over there until the clan stopped
after that i lost the fun of the game and returned around 2 years back to ET.

I have to say the [EG] servers feels a little like the good old days fun/crowded

Cya all soon in game

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#2 at 16.12.2022 on 23:50h Quote this entry
Leader (Head Admin)
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Hey, welcome here! Nice to see that you like our servers.

We mainly use Discord for chatting etc. maybe you want to join there too:


Keep fraggingdrinks.gif

Addendum by aimeX:

ah you're already there i seevictory.gif
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#3 at 17.12.2022 on 00:08h Quote this entry
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Already added the discord server
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