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Public: Enemy Territory Board: ET Server Suggestions & Map requests Thread: Panzerwar?
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#1 at 16.08.2021 on 16:40h Quote this entry
posts: 10

yo yo!

Today i saw many player left the server because the Tower fun map wos next.
then i ask who wos still there make this map panzerwar?
5 peoples agree!

is this a option?

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#2 at 17.08.2021 on 12:35h Quote this entry
Leader (Head Admin)
posts: 602
Hey Mongo,

we have max. 2 Fun Maps on our BEGINNERS Server. I think Panzerwar would be too much for this server.

We also change the maps from time to time. When I see that many don't like a map, I will remove it after a while.

You can play ET Tower with Panzerwar on our fun server. I activated Panzerwar on this server every time ET Tower is voted.There are also other maps on the fun server with Panzerwar, Sniperwar and Riflewar.

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#3 at 17.08.2021 on 14:52h Quote this entry
posts: 10

ok, just asking : )

fun server is not a option for me but thanks!

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